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​My name's Hannah and I bloody love creative communications.

​Whether it's crafting a kick-ass 3 word strapline for your new business, producing thousands of glorious SEO-rich words for your website, managing your social or developing your marketing strategy, I can help your business to define and promote your brand messages so that people buy what you're selling.

I've racked up over 20 years of experience in client-side marketing roles, from start-ups to multi-billion pound giants, so I know what it takes to get a brand noticed and I'd really like to help you get there too!


If you've got a small marketing team, no marketing team, or one that's just stacked out dealing with everything else on the to-do list, gimme a call to deliver your latest creative brief. Or, if you're an agency that needs another pair of hands, I'm down with that too!

Wanna chat about launching your small business? Need some creative ideas to breathe life into an established brand - I'm here for you guys! Get in touch and let's hatch a plan together.

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Leave the words to me; I'm really good at it and you're too busy.

Concise, creative copywriting can be the difference between a campaign working and failing.

Simply telling your customers what you do isn't enough anymore - you need to lay it on them. Tell them how much better life will be when they buy what you're selling. Add irresistible brand personality and an edge you can cut yourself on and BOOM, great copy that will get you noticed. 

Talk to me about... Blogs / press releases / web copy / slogans & straplines / product branding & descriptions / scripts / social content / internal comms / posters & leaflets  / Email / newsletters / point of sale



Push your brand out into the world with a refined plan that works

Marketing your business can be a tricky old game. There's lots to think about like your target audience, your brand tone of voice, how you'll spend your budget and making sure you get a return on your investment. 

With over 20 years of experience in marketing, I know what it takes to get it right. One thing's for sure, it always starts with an open conversation about your absolute dream outcome, so start dreaming big and get in touch... Let's do it together!


Ensure your customers can find you easily and that they want to stick around!

Digital marketing is SUPER important because it both leads customers to your website, and it encourages them to purchase when they get there!

SEO is really just a short-hand way of describing all the actions you need to take to ensure this happens, which includes reviewing and improving all the attributes of a website like site speed, responsiveness, imagery, written content. Then there are other digital marketing activities like PPC ads and social media strategy, not forgetting email marketing too! 

It can feel overwhelming, but that's where I come in! I can help you audit your digital marketing activity and website, making sure everything is optimised, your content is bangin' and your customer journey is the best it can be.

Need to build a site from scratch? No worries! Drop me a line with your dreams and let's knock it out the park together.

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Ditch the daily debacle of social media

We all know social media is important for business, but what, when and how to post can be a nightmare for busy business owners.

Fear not! I will manage the whole shebang for you, ensuring that your company social accounts are engaging and on-brand. OOSH!

Talk to me about... Social strategy / social media content / management and delivery / advertising

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Who is Lady Blah Blah?

No marketing BS, just an experienced freelance marketer with ace ideas producing content and campaigns that work.

My name is Hannah Hudson and I love marketing, but I can't stand marketing bullsh*t! How about you? If you prefer plain English and a considerable lack of marketing acronyms, we are going to get along brilliantly.

I'm a straight-talking gal who will work hard to get results for you, and I won't cloak anything in a mysterious marketing science (because that doesn't exist).

Good marketing is about understanding the brand, understanding the customer and consistent, targeted messaging in the right place at the right time... Oh, and you've got to be cool, it's the first thing we all learn at marketing school. Unfortunately, I can't pull that bit off (see pic). 

I've spent 20 plus years working in marketing for many different businesses, so I have a tonne of experience to draw on when working with you. I am also all about the LOLs, so we can hit those targets together and have fun too!  

If you've got a project you want to chat through then call me on 07835373069 or email

Stalk me on LinkedIn here​.

Hannah Hudson | Lady Blah Blah
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